Tyre Repair

Puncture Repair: Experience the relief of a puncture-free journey with our efficient puncture repair service. Whether it’s a small nail or a sharp object, our expert technicians will swiftly assess the damage and provide a durable solution, ensuring your safety and peace of mind on the road. Trust us to get you back on track in no time, with quality repairs that prioritize both safety and longevity.

Valve Stem Replacement: Maintain optimal tire pressure and prevent air leaks with our professional valve stem replacement services. Whether your valve stem is damaged, corroded, or worn out, our experienced technicians will swiftly replace it with a high-quality component, ensuring a secure seal and reliable inflation. We prioritize precision and efficiency in every repair, so you can trust us to restore the functionality of your valve stem and keep your tires performing at their best. Drive with confidence knowing that your vehicle is equipped with dependable valve stems, courtesy of our expert service

Types of tyre damage

Before we carry out a puncture tyre repair, we have to take into consideration the condition of the tyre, if the tyre displays any of the following damage we cannot repair your tyre.

Sidewall damage or any bulging – This could be caused by impact/ scuffing, or the tyre being driven on whilst underinflated.

Illegal tread depth – Tread depth remaining below 1.6mm around the circumference of the tyre and across 3/4 of the central width.

Age of the tyre / showing signs of perishing.

Damage to the bead of the tyre.

Exposed cords.

Faulty or poorly executed previous repairs.

Other types of tyre damage

Sometimes your tyres can lose pressure in other ways that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a punctured tyre. here are some of the other things that we see regularly.

Leaking valve, especially the TPMS type (tyre pressure monitoring system) which are valves with sensors as part of them. This type of valve sometimes doesn’t get replaced at every tyre change by some garages and can start to leak with age.

Corroded rim – This can be rectified by removing the tyre cleaning both inner and outer beads and then applying a bead sealer. However, for a permanent fix or if the corrosion is really bad we advise refurbishment of the wheel.

Cracked rim – This is getting more common, especially with heavier cars that have run-flat tyres fitted (very stiff sidewall with no shock absorption) and with the current state of some of our roads. If we come out to you and find your wheel to be cracked we can temporarily fix the leak to get you home but we strongly advise the wheel gets welded by a wheel repair specialist at the soonest opportunity.