Tyre Fitting


Revitalize your driving experience with precision and safety by ensuring your vehicle’s tyres are in optimal condition. At our tyre fitting service, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction above all else. Our team of expert technicians offers seamless tire fitting, ensuring the perfect alignment, balance, and pressure for your specific vehicle model. With our state-of-the-art equipment and unparalleled expertise, we guarantee a smooth ride and extended tire lifespan. Don’t compromise on safety – visit us today for a hassle-free tire fitting experience that will keep you confidently cruising on the road ahead.

Our mobile tyre fitting service is a convenient and time-efficient service that enables our customers to have their tyres fitted at home or at work, with the cost being competitive with most local tyre centres.

The service can also assist you 24/7 at the roadside or wherever you might be, should you ever find yourself stranded with a puncture or a blown-out tyre. 

Our pricing is very competitive in the local area and we keep the pricing simple for our customers by quoting fully fitted prices which means the price that you receive is inclusive of the fitted tyre, new valve, balancing and VAT.

We cater for the motorsport and track day industry with a huge range of competition tyres available as a supply and fit service in the local area, with us regularly attending Castle Combe race circuit to fit tyres before or during a track day/ race meeting.

We can also fit customer-supplied tyres for those of our customers who prefer to supply their own tyres.

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What should my tyre pressure be ?

We recommend setting your tyre pressures to the manufacturer’s specifications, you can find the correct tyre pressure in your vehicle’s handbook, in the door shut or sometimes on the back of your fuel flap.

When should tyre pressures be checked ?

We recommend checking your tyre pressures on a weekly to monthly basis and before any long journey.

How to change a tyre ?

Changing a tyre requires specialist equipment, however, to fit your spare wheel is a simple process, to do this we recommend following the steps in your vehicle’s handbook.

How to check tyre pressures ?

To check your tyre pressures, you need a tyre pressure gauge which you push onto your tyre valve. Or we can check your tyre pressures for you.

What tyres do i need ?

There are different tyres for different expected uses but generally speaking in the UK for most standard commuter cars a good midrange tyre will be ample. This changes if you have a high-performance road car, then we recommend using the tyres recommended for your particular vehicle.

How long do tyres last?

There are many things that affect the life of a vehicle’s tyres but generally speaking, if a car’s suspension is in good order, with correct tyre pressures, wheel alignment and economical driving you should see around 20000 miles out of your front tyres and possibly more out of the rear tyres depending on use and if your car is front or rear wheel drive.

What makes your tyres illegal ?

The legal remaining tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm across 3/4 of the central width of the tyre. Other defects that will make a tyre unsafe or illegal are any cuts to cords, bulges or severe perishing.