Vehicle Servicing

Vehicle servicing is a crucial part of your vehicle maintenance. We can offer a range of services from a simple oil and filter change to an interim or full service.  We source our parts from trusted local suppliers and only use OEM-quality parts and consumables.


How to check vehicle service history?

Your vehicle service history should be logged in your vehicle service handbook. If we ever service your vehicle we will update your service book with the level of service carried out and a stamp.

How often should you have your vehicle serviced?

Your vehicle should be carried out in accordance with your vehicle’s service schedule, generally speaking, a service should be carried out once a year or every 10000 miles, whichever comes first.

What is a vehicle service?

There are different levels of service but generally, it will include the replacement of the engine oil and filters associated with the running of the car. Also an inspection of the vehicle’s mechanical items.

Do electric vehicles need servicing?

Electric vehicles do require a form of servicing but at this time we are not able to carry out this service.

How much does a vehicle service cost?

The cost of service varies for each manufacturer and whether the service required is a simple oil change service, interim or full service.